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The Processing Phases
The Olive Groves:

The oil we produce comes exclusively from our olive groves.

Le olivete

Harvesting is done manually with the aid of electric harvesters and large nets.

La raccolta

The Unloading:
The olives that arrive at the mill are processed within 12/24 hours of arrival.

Lo scarico

The leaf remover:
Through the leaf remover the olives are cleaned of leaves, branches and other impurities.

Il deramifogliatore

The washing:
At this point the washing process begins. Through a conveyor belt the olives are washed and cleaned of the last leaves.

Il lavaggio

The crushing:
The olives are crushed until a coarse paste is obtained which contains peel, pulp and stones. They are crushed at low revolutions (1200 rpm) with a double-grid hammer crusher.

La frangitura

The kneading:
It is one of the fundamental steps in oil production. In this phase a "paste" is obtained which is processed in vats at a controlled temperature (25 degrees). Here begins the process of separating the oil from the rest of the olive.

La gramolatura

The extractor:

With the centrifuge process (3500 rpm) the extractor separates the dough into 3 parts: solid (pomace), water and oil.



The separator:
This is the last stage of processing, during which the separator (7000 rpm) cleans the oil from residual impurities.


Il separatore

The oil is stored in stainless steel containers
away from light in a temperature-controlled room.

Lo stoccaggio
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