Our story - Frantoio Montecucco di Caglieri Sara

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Our Company was founded in 1995 and has been handed down for two generations.
We began the production of extra virgin olive oil, for the Company's own olives and those of third parties, with a small stone plant of 4 quintals per hour.
In 2000 the mill was expanded with a new continuous cycle plant from 12 quintals per hour.  This allowed us to obtain DOP, IGP, ORGANIC and COLD EXTRACT certifications.
In 2015, the company changed its name to ÔÇťAzienda Agricola Montecucco di Caglieri Sara." We also decided to realize the entire oil supply chain, from production to sale.

Also in the same year the stone plant was removed because over the years it has lost its value, becoming only a waste of money and more time. Technology has advanced and so have we: in its place we have now equipped a temperature-controlled room for storage, bottling and sale. The number of olive trees was then increased from 1600 to 12000 with the same type of soil and variety.
These olive groves rest on hilly terrain at an altitude of 350-550 meters above sea level.
We take care of our olives down to the smallest detail and harvest them by hand or with facilitating tools.
The pressing takes place within 12 hours of the end of the daily harvest and the cold extraction, therefore below 27 degrees, is strictly monitored by probes and electronic control units.
Our oil boasts a full-bodied consistency, intense aroma and delicate taste, the result of a particular cultivation of poly cultivars, which combines the best characteristics of five different varieties of plants: moraiolo, pendolino, correggiolo, leccino and frantoio.
It also gives the palate a delicate bitter note and a spicy aftertaste that makes it suitable for any type of dish, to enjoy the authentic flavor of extra virgin olive oil and give each dish an extra touch.

The oil we produce comes exclusively from our olives, and each year, depending on the temperatures of the season and the climate, we obtain an oil that varies in its organoleptic characteristics, such as bitterness and spiciness.

This is the story of our oil and the work that over the years has led us to make it so authentic, now all that remains is to taste it because:
A taste is worth more than 100 words!

Az. Agr. Montecucco di Caglieri Sara       Strada Provinciale 111 Nord  53100 Castelnuovo Berardenga (SI)       tel:0577359370
fax:0577359370      e-mail:frantoiomontecucco@libero.it      P.IVA 01412410522  REA SI-145669                                               
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